Geometry of Materials

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A Sample of Publications

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  6. Hart V, Hawksley A, Matsumoto EA, Segerman H. “Non-euclidean virtual reality: Explorations of \(\mathbb{H}^3\).” Proceedings of Bridges, 2017.
    • Featured in:
    • Nature. Castelvecchi D. “Mathematicians create warped worlds in virtual reality.”
    • Georgia Tech Research Horizons. Brumfield B. “Warped reality: virtual trip to hyperbolic space.”
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    Patterns on a Roll
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Knitting in the news

Presentations at the 2019 APS March Meeting in Boston, MA led to media interest in our knitting work and the following articles:

Interested in non-euclidean spaces? Try them here!

Ever wondered what it would be like to walk around in curved space? Well now you can! Andrea Hawksley, Vi Hart, Sabetta Matsumoto and Henry Segerman have just launched H³ and H²×E as VR simulators of three-dimensional hyperbolic space and two-dimensional hyperbolic space cross the euclidean line.